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Outbounder The Outbounder provides power and confidence. Personal freedom and outdoor enjoyment through rough terrain.
Made In U.S.A.

The Outbounder is an extreme all-terrain wheelchair with 6x6 all wheel-drive. This battery powered outdoor specialty wheeled chair will give you more personal freedom. The rugged Outbounder has enough torque to allow you to go hunting, fishing, and ice fishing as conditions allow. The P&G programmable drive joy stick system and all wheel drive helps you make 360 degree turns in a stationary position. Click on any of the pictures below to see larger images of Outbound Mobility's 6x6 chair in use. This is the perfect rugged wheeled chair for the disabled sportsperson.

You will be able to explore the back country wilderness, transport wild game, firewood and many other items. You will be amazed as you easily navigate over logs, curbs, and other obstacles. Maneuver through snow, mud, sand, and other rough terrain with ease as you visit beaches. You will be able to mow the lawn, garden, and do other yard maintenance with the Outbounder. The Outbounder provides power and confidence, personal freedom and outdoor enjoyment through rough terrain. We have clients who have been able to continue with their careers because of this electric power chair. Why settle for a scooter when you can have an all wheel drive all terrain Outbounder? Call us today for more information about this 6x6 full time all wheel drive specialty chair. (231) 335-8028. Click on any image below to see a larger view.

"We are taking orders! Call (231) 335-8028 or send us an e-mail to place your order."

Standard Features

  • 24 volt battery powered
  • Full time all 6x6 all wheel drive
  • P&G programmable drive system
  • 360 Degree turning in stationary position
  • Uni-body construction (one piece of steel)
  • Standard seat includes: fore & aft adjustment specialty chair
  • head rest, lumbar support, recline back rest
  • and adjustable arm rests
  • Seat belt / harness
  • Click on arrow to start Slide Show to see closeups of adjustment details. For larger view double click on slide show or any images at right.

Available options

Many more options are available.

Have any questions?

Feel free to contact us at (231) 335-8028 or online.

Photo Gallery

Ted Nugent Testimonial

"The Nugent family is genuinely moved, humbled and blessed to share sacred spirit campfires with American military hero warriors, many of whom have sacrificed much for our American Dream... we have experienced a huge increase in smiles, laughter and temporary painlessness through the use of the amazing Outbounder six wheel drive wheelchair."

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